Allies & Accomplices (Family)
Format Options

Prime Telenovela:
Details: 5 months on the air, Monday thru Friday for a total of 100 episodes.
Script (time frame for the writing): 5 months.

Synopsis: Claudia (40) has managed to finally get rid of her obsessive husband and marries her lover, Julio (45) who retakes his life after being a widow. They both decide to live together in order to unite their children under the same roof. However Claudia isn’t aware that Julio is not a widow, his wife is still alive and has joined the family to work as their nanny in order to rob Claudia out of her money. However, Julio will be surprised when he realizes he’s fallen in love with Claudia.
On the other hand, Fernando, Claudia’s ex-husband is determined to win her back and things seem to working, he starts to fall in love with the new family nanny not realizing she is Julio’s wife.

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