Dark & Pink (Teens)
Format Options

1. TV Series:
Episodes: 12 a 24 per season.
Duration of Episode: 44 minutes.
Broadcast: One episode per week.
Script (time frame for the writing): 2 months.

2. Prime Time Soap:
Details: 5 months on the air, Monday thru Friday for a total of 100 episodes.
Script (time frame for the writing): 3 months.

Synopsis: Alejandra is a teenager who is somewhat masculine, aggressive, and with weight problems. She always dresses up in black and can’t stand other people. The only person that can approach her is her best friend Guillermo who is very skinny and very offensively social. Alejandra lives with her mother, Karla, an egocentric supermarket cashier who is controlling and obsessed with her daughter’s life when it comes to her physical appearance. What she wants is a daughter that is thin, adorable, and pink. The complete opposite of how Alejandra is. However, everything changes when Yasna, Alejandra’s cousin from the South comes to live with her. Yasna is an exact imitation of a Barbie doll and will bring changes to Alejandra’s life by getting involved in everything she does and even transform all the black into pink.

If there is an interest, we can send the client a pilot of the chosen format in a week’s time.