I Want To Be (Family)
Format Options

Episodes: 100.
Duration of Episode: 45 minutes.
Broadcast: Daily.
Script (time frame for the writing): 2 months.

Synopsis: Is the year 2037 and Estefania is 40 years old. On a particular day, she is with her daughter, now a teenager with an identity crisis; she remembers how she used to be at that age and how she ended up discovering her true talent which helped her in becoming the successful woman she is today.
Is the year 2011 and Estefania is 14 years old and along with her friends, she is trying to find her dream that of what she wants to become…but it won’t be easy since it seems she has no talent for anything….this is a fun journey alongside the typical teenager who tries to make herself stand out from a world where everyone is the same.

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