Within a more dynamic context of globalization, the Latin Media Corporation distribution company, under the direction of José Escalante, reinforces its role as a bridge between different producers of Asian formats and ready-mades, and the rest of the world. This time the chosen market has been BCWW in Seoul, South Korea, where the company has not only strengthened its alliances with major players in the Asian continent but is also promoting Latin American content to its extensive network of contacts in that part of the world, presenting the new soap operas of América TV of Perú: Mi Esperanza, Cumbia Pop, Ojitos Sorcerers (Star) and Mis Tres Marías among others.

“We are currently positioning dramas beyond the borders of Latin America, consolidating ourselves more and more as a global brand due to our excellent relationship with producers and buyers of content around the world, as well as our reliable network of clients in the five continents that have represented numerous sales in various territories. Likewise, we know that it is important to continue being that bridge that brings Asian stories to markets as far away as the American, “says Escalante.

BCWW has been taking place at the COEX Convention Center from August 20 to 23.