Jose Escalante of Latin Media: We will present the Philippine series Captive at LA Screenings (May 11 2017)

The show was broadcasted on Panamericana TV and will be launch along with other titles from the Philippines, Turkey, India and Korea.

The dramatic story of Angela, kidnapped and held in captivity for 18 years, managed to triple the numbers of its predecessor at the 4:30 pm time slot, repeatedly reaching the second place with peaks of 6.5 of Rating “according to Jose Escalante, CEO of Latin Media.

The executive indicated that they are in advanced negotiations with Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay.

“We are convinced that this is the beginning of a real boom. There is a very important parallel between similarities of the Philippine stories and ours. I think that is the main key of the success that it had in Peru and that will have in other countries of the region”, he finalized.