LA Screenings- Jose Escalante of Latin Media: Philippines’s telenovelas will be the next trend (May 18 2017)

Jose Escalante, CEO of Latin Media, says that the next trend in Latin America will be the Philippines telenovelas. “We are launching two series at the screenings (Sweet Revenge and A New Opportunity), while two others were launched at Natpe (Captive and Someone to Watch Over Me).

“Just as the boom of the Turkish series, now is time for the Filipino series. We bring beautiful love stories, similar to the great melodramas that ceased to be produced in Latin America, stories with many tears and great happy endings. We do not bring drug trafficking, sex, or violence stories. And they are short series, between 40 to 50 episodes, “he said.

An example is Captive, launched at Natpe, and with excellent ratings in Peru. A New Opportunity is about three characters that share similar tragedy stories, and Sweet Revenge a romantic story, in which a happily married couple is destroyed by a pretty mistress but the ex-wife comes back and flip the coin becoming the lover of her ex-husband.

In addition, Latin Media brings other shows, such as the Indians series: Tumhari Paki and the successful Saras & Kumud.