Latin Media Corp continues to expand its vast catalogue and has now added four new dramas: 3 Turkish dramas and one Asian drama.

The first Turkish drama is “Cain & Abel” (120×45’) is about two brothers who want to free their town from two evil forces that has been exploiting them for years. “The Shade of Cinar” (150×45’) is the second Turksih production and it’s the story of a woman, Cinar, who loses everything: her family, her friends and freedom after being accused for a murder she didn’t commit. Now she’s been freed and she will seek revenge against those who wronged her, prove her innocence and get her life back. The third Turkish production is “The Great Revenge” (90×45’), it tells the story of a wealthy family who goes from riches to rags and yet by keeping together, they are happy even during the worst of times. However, the patriarch and matriarch of the family are murdered and their 3 children are separated to unite years later to avenge their death. The Asian drama is a majestic coproduction between India and Dubai, “Saras & Kumud” (222×60’), it’s the forbidden love story of two individuals who cannot be together due to their family’s traditions. This is a story of love, sacrifice, suffering, and passion which will be accompanied by exotic and beautiful locations from India and the Middle East.

“We are very happy with these stories,” reveals Jose Escalante, Managing Director of Latin Media Corp “These four productions occupy first place in their respective timeslots and are available as formats. These are stories with universal themes that can easily be adapted to any part of the world.”

Latin Media Corp will be in Mipcom from October 5th thru the 8th, at Stand P-1.F24/P-1.G23 located at the Palais des Festivals.