Project Description

Son, where are you?

Jessie’s perfect life becomes a nightmare when her only son, Ethan, is kidnapped by unknown prepatrators. The kidnapped do not reach out to the family, leading the police to believe it was an act of revenge. Jessie and her husband, Brylle, has no clue as to who can hold a grudge against them and their quiet life. Jessie is a devoted housewife while Brylle is a hard working doctor. Brylle suspects Amado, the father of a patient he couldn’t save, and Reign, his mistress.

While spending all of her waking hours searching for Ethan, Jessie gains an ally. Larry, the lead investigator of kidnapping case, helps her find her son while he hides his true feelings for her. Jessie meets Marie, who is Reign in disguise, attemping to ruin her marriage and stealher husband away.

Password: LatMed12