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A Maid in Paitilla
Duration: 40 x 30 min

Yoana Franco thought her dream came true but instead, destiny made her travel from the countryside to the big city. She needed to find the person that could remedy her problem.

Without anyone knowing, she ends up working as a maid at the home of a gentleman belonging to high society with the purpose in getting his attention and therefore resolving her issue. This new job becomes complicated since it sparks intrigues and old enemies resurface which could reveal her true intentions.

To have the enemy under the same roof at your job has not been easy. This enemy has a thirst for revenge against the woman who stole her boyfriend.
The story takes place where the protagonist along with three other maids, end up creating a “Maid Empire” which is known for lies and passions.
Even though her intentions was to dedicate her life to serve God, one of the maids end up falling in a game of seduction led by three heartthrobs, sons of her boss. However, her ravishing figure ended up captivating one of them.

Due to a reckless event, the secret of another maid part of the Maid Empire was revealed, which turns out that she had to lie in order to get the job she needed. However, in this dramatic mission, they never expected to find love, justice, and the truth which some people can’t handle.