Project Description

A Woman’s Justice

A herbaceous perennial – blooms early spring and flourishes through the snow, melting it away with self-emanating heat.

Yun-Hwa and Yu-Ra become stepsisters unwillingly due to their parents’ remarriage. Yun-Hwa wants to get along with Yu-Ra, but Yu-Ra just can’t stand Yun-Hwa, the girlfriend of her long-term crush since childhood, Yun-Jae. When Yun-Hwa gets a job at Jay Cosmetics, Yu-Ra schemes to frae Yun-Hwa as an industrial spy. Troubled Yun-Hwa finally acquires the evidence that would prove her innocence, runs to Yun-Jae whom Yu-Ra tries to stop but inadvertently hits Yun-Hee, Yun-Jae’s younger sister, with her car. Yun-Hwa sees this accident and tries to save bleeding Yun-Hee, as Yu-Ra frames Yun-Hwa for the car accident. With an ironic twist of fate, Yun-Hwa gets framed for the murder of her lover’s sister and instantly loses everything: her love, dream, and family.


Genre: Drama
Program Length: 108 episodes of 35 minutes each
Country: South Korea
Producers: Baek Ho Min
Script: Yeo Jung Min
Cast: Lee Yoo Ri, Hyun Woo Sung, Yoo Ah Jung & Jung Chan