Project Description

Beauty’s Rival in Palace

At the beginning of Western Han, Empress Lv wanted to make her son Liu Ying ascend the throne successfully, so she took advantage of her wet nurse Xianglian to frame Liu Heng, son of Empress Dowager Bo. Unexpectedly, the virtuous Xianglian saw through their subtle scheme. In order to avert the palace intrigue, Xianglian was forced to flee with her daughter Yun Xi and roved all over the country. Fortunately, they were helped by Nie Feng, a Hunter. Nie Feng took the mother and her girl home.

Yun Xi and her mother got to know Ping Hua, Nie Feng’s wife, and Shen’er, Nie Feng’s daughter. Before long, killers tracked down and the couple of Nie Fenf and Xianglian were murdered by the killers one and after. Yun Xi took Shen’er to her uncle’s. Her vicious aunt agreed to take in Yun Xi for Yun Xi had blod relationship with them, but disagreed to have She’er in their care and cheated her into the stree and abandoned her. It was lucky that Shen’er was picked up by a procuress, Qiansui Hong, but the destiny of Shen’er was changed.

After they entered the imperial palace together, with some ruses, Yun Xi helped Shen’er who was anxious to distinguish herself to gain favour of emperor. However, their acts attracted Empress Lv’s attention. Empress Lv let Yun Xi serve little Empress Zhang Yan for she found that Yun Xi was clever. Emperor Liu Ying was sensitive and single-minded though he was dissipated ostensibly. Yun Xi brought a gleam of dawn to the dark life of the imperial palace. It was at this moment that Empress Lv threatened Yun Xi with Shen’er’s life by letting Yun Xi drink poisonous wine. When Yun Xi came to life, she has a new status – Dou Yifang., Empress Lv ordered Dou Yifang to the State of Dai, also called conferred state, to keep watch on Dai’s King Liu Heng and his mother Empress Dowager Bo. With the company of palace maid Xueyuan, Dou Rifang arrived at the State of Dai. Calculating beauty was launching her plan…

Genre: Romantic Drama
Cast: Ruby Lin, Sammul Chan & Rang Mi
Program Length: 40 episodes of 47 minutes