Project Description

Blue Love

Happy times are usually short-lived. You Jiaqi and Meng Heping when they first met, they fell in love instantly. Unfortunately, Meng Heping’s mother is against this relationship. You Jiaqi suggest that they should break up and Meng Heping becomes bitter and leaves the country.

Five years later, You Jiaqi meets Ruan Zhengdong who comes from a wealthy family and she runs into Meng Heping again. Both men were best childhood friends. To avoid pain for her reencounter with Meng Heping, You Jiaqi decides to start dating Ruan Zhengdong. This sparks Meng Heping’s jealous rage and declares war on his best friend Ruan Zhengdong. Among this battle for the heart of You Jiaqi, tragedy strikes and this will mark and bring changes to the lives of everyone forcing You Jiaqi to make an important decision that will affect the lives of others.

Genre: Romantic Drama
Cast: Roy Qiu & Chen Qiao En
Program Length: 32 episodes of 47 minutes