Project Description

Contraband of Love
Action Series
Duration: 13 x 45 min

Synopsis:Amran, 30 is a fisherman and highly-respected entrepreneur in the fishing village of Teluk Permata. He is the pride of the village, and a role-model for his younger brother, Jai, whom Amran has taken care of. Life is good for Amran, his brother is preparing to go to college and Amran is reunited with his childhood sweetheart, Yasmin.

But beneath the peaceful exterior of his beloved village, Amran discovers that a gang of smugglers have been using villagers to smuggle illicit alcohol, tobacco and even people into the country. Amram is offered to opportunity to be a part of the gang but he declines. Tam, the leader of the smugglers threatens Amran’s loved ones, if he says anything to the police. Amran joins forces with Dim, a private investigator who will help him go undercover with the smugglers and win the trust of their leader, Tam. To make matters more dangerous, Yasmin joins Amran in his crusade.

Amran discovers that the smuggling operation in Teluk Permata is only the tip of the iceberg. How can Amran and Yasmin free their beloved Teluk Permata from these smugglers?