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Five Fingers

This is the story of a fierce competition between two brothers as pianists of genius, successor of Boosung Group, and even rivals over a woman.

Ji-Ho was born and raised in remote fishing island that discovers that his father is alive when a distant relative passes away. Ji-Ho goes to live with his father who owns the Boosung Group. Upon his arrival, his half brother, In-Ha feels threaten by his arrival and even worse, Ji-Ho can play the piano. Both boys grow up and even worse they still compete to win their father’s approval. Things take a turn for the worth with the arrival of Da-Mi.

Da-Mi has return to the Boosung Group searching for revenge for the person responsible for starting a fire where the father of the boys was killed. Da-Mi will spark the rivalry of the boys where one will win her heart and love.

Genre: Drama
Program Length: 30 episodes of 70 minutes each
Country: South Korea
Producer: Sung Do Joon
Script: Choi Young In
Cast: Seo Woo, Lee Ji Hoon, Park Ji Woon & Kim Yoon Seo