Project Description

For Love or For Money

Mariel is in a difficult situation. Her Husband, Eldon, who works in the Arab Emirates, is accused of murdering his employer. Edon claims that it was in self-defense because his boss, Mahmoud, attempted to abuse him. With the help of Mahmoud’s Filipino woman, Portia, Eldon is saved from a death sentence. However, Eldon has to pay money worth 50 million pesos to receive forgiveness from Mahmoud’s family. Portia has another plan: She plans to keep Eldon and the money his wife will pay to save him from prison and a death sentence.

Mariel does her best to raise funds to save her husband’s life. but you can’t get enough. She loses all hope until her ex-boyfriend, Gary, offers her help on one condition: Mariel must agree to rekindle their romance and become his lover for one night.

Would Mariel be willing to sacrifice everything she has for the man she loves?

Password: LatMed12