Project Description

Happy Noodle

This is a beautiful tale of love, dream and gourmet.

It all begins when Zhang Lin, the owner of a popular Chinese noodle restaurant, Hangzhou Noodles, falls in love with a Korean chef, Eun-young, during his travel to Korea. Zhang Lin promises that he will be back in 2 years but he cannot keep his word due to a car accident. Even worse, Eun-young suffers from terminal cancer. Before she passes away she begs her best friend Run-mei to bring her son, Ho-su, to his father in China. Run-mei, having a strong affection for Zhang Lin, brings her own son Ho-jin instead, leaving behind Ho-su to an orphanage.

Years later, Ho-su renamed as Soo-chan, comes to China in search of his birth father.His cooking talent inherited from his mother secured him a job in Hangzhou Noodles and his skills are gradually improved to perfection as he learns from different master chefs in China.

Soo-chan’s life becomes complicate when Run-mei and her son Ho-jin wickedly plot against him but fate always favors the gifted and kind-hearted fellow. Finally Soo-chan overcomes various difficulties to reunite with his long lost family and find the love of his life. Inspired by his own experience, he creates the recipe of “Happy Noodle”.

Program Length: 40 episodes of 45 minutes each
Director: Zhou Jiawen
Producers: Marisol Morales, Javier Goldschmed
Script: Zhe Wei, Chen Li, Wang Qian, Tong Yi & Cui Xiaozhen
Cast: Yoon Si Yoon (Corea), Li Feier, & Zhang Junning