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I Love Lee Taly

Fantasy romance story of a boy who turns 25 overnight and a pretty heiress of the fortune

The best swimmer in his swimming team Eun-Dong and leader of the popular girl group Soon-Shim! Despite Eun-Dong being very happy about being engaged to Soon-Shim, she has been cheating on him with someone else. Her secret lover is Seung-Jae, who is the executive of Dae Dong group. However, when Seung-Jae’s ex-girlfirend Taly returns to the country, Seung-Jae dumps Soon-Shim. After finding out about the whole situation, Eun-Dong wanders around in despair, and stops by this one gallery. There, he encounters Taly by coincidence. Seeing a young man crying after his heart-broken, Taly has indescribable feelings, and soon leaves the place after handing him her name card. Next day, something very mysterious happens as Eun-Dong finds himself into a 35 years old, healthy man…

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Program Length: 16 episodes of 60 minutes each
Director: Kim Do Hyuk
Script: Moon Ji Young
Cast:Park Je Yin, Kim Ki Bum & Yang Jin Woo