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Karmawizra tells the story of Azkram, one of the main characters in Saga Artakusiad. It is set during the dolden age of the Auroran nation, a period also known as the Age of Light and occurs before the events described in Saga Arakusiad and before the coming of Artakus, the hero that will unite the five clans of Aurora against the tyranny of Herakos and the Morrok empire. Karmawizra begins in the glory days of the kings of Aurora, who rules from the ancient capital of Morudalun, when the white wizards of Arasis, also known as the Orderof the Arasismagia, where the pinnacle of their wisdom and strength.

Azkram defends himself against the dark wizards known as the Morduwizra as the Star of Draha appears and the demons of the Draha plot to seize the Jewel of Aurorius, protected by the Kesatria in the Citadel of Surakota. Imron, a grandmaster of the zenkiwizra and Azkram’s master, appears to him in a dream-vision and informs im of his quest as foretold in the Prophecy of the Scrolls.

Rendra, a lord of the morduwizra, attempts to destroy Azkram in a dream battle but fails. The Star of the Draha continues to burn in the heavens as Mayaseren and the Kesatria of Surokota prepare for the demon onslaught that they know must come.

Azkram, who is being hunted by the Morduwzira, begins his quest for the Four Cirles of the Elements, accompanied by a reluctant Fasdan.

Episodes 13 x 22 min