Project Description

Love In A Fallen City

Bai Liusu is the six daughter of the fallen aristocratic family Bai and ends up marrying Tang Yiyuan, young millionaire with excellent breed. However, Bai Liusu is very unhappy and heartbroken with her marriage since her husband only cares about women, parties and getting drunk. This is why she decides to leave her marriage and get a divorce; her actions cause shame and scandal within her family.

Fan Liuyuan has inherited a grand fortune which transformed him from being dead poor to filthy rich and one of the city’s most eligible bachelor. However, after losing his beloved Hong Lian, Fan has become a frivolous man and a flirt who doesn’t take any woman seriously. Thru the help of some friends in common, Liuyuan meets Liusu since he has a blind date with her sister and when he meets Liusu he falls deeply in love with her. However, Liusu doesn’t trust him at first but little by Little she starts to fall in love with him. War comes upon everyone and at that moment Liusu realizes that she cannot lose this new chance of love. War brings tragedy but in this time it was witness to one of the greatest love stories ever told.

Genre: Romantic Drama
Program Length: 32 episodes of 45 minutes
Original Novel: Eileen Chang
Director: Meng Ji
Screenwriter: Zou Jingzhi
Cast: Chen Shu, Huang Jue, Wang Xuebing, Liu Yihan,
Kong Xiangyu, Zheng Yuzhi, Wang Yuanke