Project Description

Love Of Football (Bola Cinta)

All great achievements begin with a dream, an ambition and the utmost desire…

In Kampung Juru, growing up as a village boy, Haziq has never been short of friends and time to play football. His immense talent was legendary even for a schoolboy and he inspired many around him with his football passion and generosity in sharing his skills

Not before long, much to his mother’s dislike he is spotted and encouraged to play football for a professional club. He moves to the big city, Kuala Lampur, where he joins a prestigious Football Club called Wira FC.

At the football club, Haziq faces challenges in his quest to be recognized as a good footballer.
However, he is attracted to Fiza who unknown to him is Jamal’s girlfriend. Enjoying the status as club captain and basking in his past glory, Jamal, suddenly feels threaten and plans to thwart Haziq’s footballing career. Meanwhile, Reena, the coach’s daughter also has Haziq in her sights and things begin to get complicated between her and her best friend Fiza.

Things take a turn for the worse, when the club’s owner, Datuk Rahman is forced to turn his long time nemesis, Datuk Ghouse for financial support to keep the clup afloat. The latter is embroiled in an affair with Daria, his secretary, that threatens to expose itself when she discovers herself pregnant. Datin Sherry is not about to keep quit about this unhappy situation but is then faced with a past that has returned to haunt her and threatens to engulf her family.

Bola Cinta – if only things were simple!

Genre: Teen Drama
Program Length: 26 episodes of 45 minutes