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Everyone could use a man nanny sometimes… This heartwarming family drama puts a modern spin to the old Korean valuesof mothers staying at home and taking care of children.

Manny, a new word of the 21st century, is a combination of Man and Nanny. Most people refuse to hire a Manny because of their assumption that women would be better at house chores and taking care of babies. This drama follows a mom of two kids and an unmarried Manny.Suh Ji Suk stars as many Kim Yi Han, a Korean-American who has a special gift with kids. Choi Jung Yoonis the harried mother Seo Do Young, and Byun Jung Soo is her former supermodel sister Janice.

Genre: Romantic Drama
Program Length: 16 episodes of 60 minutes each
Produced by: CJ E&M
Country: South Korea
Cast: Seo Ji-Suk, Choi Jung Yoon, Byun Jung-Soo