Project Description

Memoirs in China

Two powerful families from a rural town decide to join forces through the marriage of their children. However, Guanghan returns from abroad with his European best friend, Lucas with the idea to open a lighting match company. As they both are on their way, they will meet Yunan, an open minded young lady who is Guanghan’s fiancée, but neither of them know it yet.

After her wedding with Guanghan, Yunan has no honeymoon and from there on, her husband cannot fulfill his marriage duties. This is why Yunan will find comfort and support in Lucas, and in that process, she ends up having a torrid affair with him. However, a major event will mark everyone’s lives and will put both families in the eye of the storm.

Genre: Romantic Drama
Program Length: 45 episodes of 45 minutes
Country: China
Director & Editor: Zhao Lixin
Original Novel: Liu Heng
Cast: Zhang Guoli, Song Jia, Zhu Yin, Wu Yue, Zhao Lixing, Zhu Yuchen, Xiang Zi,
Carimartin Wolstrum, Lenard Swensson