Project Description


Synopsis: We’re in Lima, the year is 1760. The story of famous woman of the viceroyalty of Peru, Micaela Villegas, starts with shocking event: her father’s suicide, tragedy that puts her in the hands of the terrible Jose Perfecto de Salas, the royal court’s secretary. In the midst of her pain and a promise made towards her deceased father, Micaela will make her debut as an actress at the Comedy Coliseum just when the new arrived Viceroy: Mr. Manuel Amat & Juniet, a Catalan in his sixties, ill-tempered, and fighter who will fall passionately in love with her; due to Jose Perfecto’s dismay, who will see his desires evaporate into the air. From that moment, he will do the unstoppable to destroy the relationship between the Viceroy and the commoner actress, even involving the Marquise of Altamirano and in general, the entire dominant royal court of the City of Kings. Even though Micaela is the concubine of the Viceroy and pretends to be happy and use to the idea of her destiny being his favorite, she is also in love with the handsome Rodrigo, whom was presumed dead after a chain of intrigues, he will return to get revenge on his enemies and to win back Micaela under the identity of “Count Villahermosa”.

Among this turbulent love story of historical and passionate proportions, there will be other parallel stories with colorful characters involved in different love entanglements, as they are portrayed in a social fresco of the old Lima of yesteryear that it is still the same that we know of today, with all its private vices and public virtues.