Project Description

Ms. Cinta

Zetty is a cheerful, happy and friendly young woman who is always hanging around her best friend, Lydia. They both study psychology. One day, a classmate comes seeking advice from them regarding her recent breakup with her boyfriend. Zetty is the one giving the advice while Lydia observes the gift that Zetty has to solve love issues and decides to open up a blog where Zetty will be giving out advice. Zetty is not keen to accept at first but little by little starts to like the idea and takes the identity of “Ms. Cinta”.

The blog is a huge success among students and each day the number of participants keeps growing. One of the participants, “Dean Desperado” is always criticizing and questioning the type of advice that “Ms. Cinta” gives out. At the same time, Zetty and Lydia have a friend, Daniel who believes that “Ms Cinta” is nothing more of a charlatan and who knows nothing about matters of the heart which leads to arguments between Zetty and Daniel. This is why Lydia decides to bring them together and turn them into the ideal couple.

Lydia gets her way and Zetty and Daniel start spending time together. One dreadful day, Zetty discovers that Daniel and “Dean Desperado” are the same person. However, Daniel opens his heart at “Miss Cinta’s” blog and it becomes a sensation among the blog’s readers. Will Zetty have the same courage and open her heart as well?

Ms. Cinta – where there is hope, there maybe love too…

Genre: Drama
Program Length: 13 episodes of 45 minutes each