Project Description

Office Girls

Sheng Xin Ren (Ko Chia-yen) is a staff member in the Sales Department of Jing Shi Department Store. At age 25, she has worked there for four years. She is tasked with training and mentoring Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu), 28, a new entry-level member of the Sales Department. Unbeknownst to her and almost everyone else there, Zi Qi is the son of Qin Mu Bai (Shen Meng Sheng/沈孟生), the Chairman of Jing Shi Department Store. Zi Qi’s father has challenged him to a test to prove he deserves to lead Jing Shi Department Store – Zi Qi will have to live on a lowly entry-level salary for one year, without the luxuries he is used to, and cannot reveal his true identity.

Xin Ren and Zi Qi clash – she is frugal, saving every single cent so she can buy a house in Taipei for her and her mother. He is used to living large and spending big. She is extremely loyal to Jing Shi Department Store and is content with her job but he thinks the department store need to clean house and get rid of senior management who are stuck in inefficient ways.

To improve sales, Xin Ren suggests inviting her idol Yu Cheng Feng (James Wen), an internationally renown designer, to set up a counter in their store. Despite Yu Cheng Feng having publicly stated that his designs would never be sold in department stores, Xin Ren with Zi Qi tagging along set out to get him to accept their proposal.