Project Description

Rita and I

Nicolás is charming, when he does not speak, he has that charm that men have well arranged, well dressed, with the shirt that combines perfectly with the pants, the shoes of an elegant brand and everything that distinguishes a rich from a poor.
At a New Year party, Nicholas meets Kiara, a really lovely girl inside and out. Nicolás decides to invest all its money in a financial one to get the attention of Kiara. In a few days, the owner of the financier flees with the money of all his clients, leaving to Nicholas in the most absolute misery.

He knows Enrique Valdivia, the powerful owner of an important advertising agency, who wants to hire a woman as creative director of his agency. The next morning, Nicolás appears in the company but because he is a man, he is not received in the interview but “In desperate situations, desperate measures”

Nicholas becomes an elegant woman who calls herself Rita. When leaving the office, Enrique presents it with his own daughter, Kiara. Rita is surprised to see Kiara, and more surprised to know that she will be his boss.

The story continues from this point: Enrique is in love with Rita, Nicolás is in love with Kiara and Kiara will be between Nicolás and Gustavo with whom will Rita stay, and Nicholas and Kiara and Enrique and all?