Project Description

Rivals of Destiny

There are two twin sisters: E-Kyung and Seo-Yeon. Although they looked different, no one has ever doubted that they were twin sisters because of their very close relationship. One day, they were told that they were not biologically linked at all. To make things worse, E-Kyung’s father was the murderer of Seo-Yeon’s father, a former husband of their mother.

E-Kyung’s relationship with her family falls apart. Seo-Yeon seems to be getting in the way of everything E-Kyung tries to do in her life. E-Kyung falls in love with Ha-Joon but Seo-Yeon harasses their relationship. Seo-Yeon even frames E-Kyung for the incident that Ha-Joon was involved in. Due to this, Ha-Joon betrays E-Kyung as well. Before the arrest, she visits her father in prison, and gets shocked by the fact that her father was framed as well. Dramatically, she finds the evidence to prove her innocence but gets pushed off the cliff by Seo-Yeon. Everyone thought she died but she was saved by Sun-Jae. After the recovery, Sun-Jae makes a dangerous proposal for E-Kyung to live as an heiress of a billionaire. Having nowhere to go, she accepts the proposal and stars her life as a daughter from a rich and well known family. E-Kyung only focuses on investigating the hidden truths behind framing of her father and herself, and encounters the shocking facts that would have been buried forever…

Program Length: 122 episodes of 35 minutes each
Directors: Sung Do Joon and Kim Yoon Seo
Script: Kim Suk Gon
Cast: Seo Woo, Lee Ji Hoon, Park Jim Woo and Kim Yoon Seo