Project Description

Satria – Warriors of 7 Elements

Melaka is a prosperous state under the guidance of Sultan Mansur Shah and his wise Bendahara (advisor) Tun Perak. It is the epicenter of the spice trade, therefore the most important port in the region. This brought rapacity to Mamura, the self-appointed king of Pulau Terapung (The Floating Island), who wants to invade Melaka and become the Sultan himself.

One night a fleet from China, led by Admiral Cheng Ha, was on its way to Melaka; to send Puteri Hang li Po to be the bride of Sultan Mansur Shah, but unfortunately it was attacked by 6 villains, known as the Siluman, led by Siluman Dara.

On the same night, Adiputra, the mightiest hero in Melaka died after fighting against his long lost brother, Tok Tapun, who is the 7th member of The Siluman. Sultan Mansur Shah is panic-stricken with the situation. After consulting with this right-hand man, Tun Perak, he has chosen the 7 disciples of Adiputra: Tuah, Jebat, Kasturi, Lekir, Lekiu, Teja, and Putrin to go on a mission to rescue Princess Hang Li Po.

The 7 Satri are more than willing to go because they wanted to avenge the death of their master.

During their journey, the Satria is confronted by The Siluman who tries to stop them. But the Satria forge ahead on, to protect the sovereignty of Melaka and to honor their master.

Duration: 26 x 24 min
Year: 2014