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Shut up & Let’s Go

is the story of a high rock band dealing with friendship, rivalry, romance and their passion for music.

Ji-Hyuk (Sung Joon) is the leader of the popular underground rock group, “Eye Candy”. Joining him is chic Hyun-Soo (L), playboy Ha-Jin (Yoo Min-Kyu), silent Do-Il (Lee Hyun-Jae) and baby-faced Kyung-Jong (Kim-Min-Seok). These boys rule their school until a redevelopment plan forces the delinquent-ridden school to close down. They’re all assigned a transfer to a new high school “Jung Sang” supported by a wealthy and powerful foundation.

As can be expected, their school days at this fancy school become an endless struggle. Each and every day they are faced with the overbearing gap between rich and poor. In such a reality, the only thing they can turn to is music. They’ve created and maintained a world of their own, by playing music with instruments they bought with money scraped together. Playing music with their friends is the only thing keeping them alive, as well as the only future they look forward to. At the same time, their music is what makes them shine above all others. “Shut up and Let’s Go” is a music drama like you’ve never seen before; relentless and highly stylized to the punk sentiment, these flower boys aren’t trying to be your friendly neighborhood idols.

Program Length: 16 episodes of 60 minutes each
Director: Lee Kwon
Script: Seo Yoon Hee
Cast: Sung Joon, L, Yoo Min-Kyu, & Lee Hyun-Jae