Project Description

Someone To Watch Over Me

After being heartbroken many times, Joanna almost loses all hope of loving someone else. But one day, while visiting the historic city of Vigan, she meets TJ and falls in love again. The couple’s whirlwind romance leads immediately to marriage. They become even happier when Joanna gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

Their marriage progresses perfectly, however, TJ begins to exhibit sporadic memory loss and disorientation. After some time his episodes become worse and he begins to lose things. One time, TJ even forgets to bring the baby home with him after shopping for groceries. Then one day, without warning, TJ starts looking for his ex-girlfriend, Irene. This is the final straw for Joanna so they decide to seek professional help. After a battery of tests, TJ’s doctor reveals that he is afflicted with the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Things take a turn for the worse when TJ ceases to recognize his family and tracks Irene down to live with her instead.

Although the situation becomes very difficult, Joanna accepts her husband’s fate and endures. She continues to care for him. But how long can she bear the pain of watching her husband lose his memory while loving another woman? Will her love ever be enough to save her marriage?