Project Description


What makes a city hometown, and what makes a life authentic? Sultan and Seyhmus’ story starts years ago when Sultan runs away from home and marries her love Seyhmus, despite the family’s disapproval.

However, it isn’t long before they are stripped of their happiness. Seyhmus escapes to France on their wedding day. Sultan, the bride, starts living with her husband’s family.She does not give up on her husband and chooses to wait for him. 15 years after their wedding day, Seyhmus returns surprisingly. Sultan feels excited and disappointed at the same time.

Her love is not alone – he returns with his son… Her deep love towards her husband turns into anger but Seyhmus seems not to give up on her. Sultan believes she does not have a place in either of the families anymore… She decides to go in her own direction and create a new life -living on her own…

Will Sultan accept Seyhmus’ return – with a child from another woman after 15 years of separation? What will Seyhmus do to win her love back?

Password: LatMed12