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Tae, a professor of Neurology in Seoul Hankook Hospital, has been trying to map a human brain by conducting unethical clinical trial all the while wearing a mask of saint. In order to achieve riches and power, he decides to seduce Eun-Hee, the wealthy heiress who is the daughter of the President of the Korean Foundation of Hospitals and therefore abandons his lover and fiancée Yeon, in order to marry Eun-Hee. He uses all the dirty tricks he can to steal her away from Sung’s arms, Eun-Hee’s boyfriend, who destroyed by the loss of the love of his life (Eun-Hee) decides to submerge body and soul into his work in medicine, becoming Tae’s archrival both professionally and at the personal level.

Tae becomes enraged when he discovers that Eun-Hee is expecting Sung-Jun’s child and he will stop at nothing to prevent that this child is born. Eun-Hee will spend all her life protecting her son, Wook from her Tae’s hatred.

On the other hand, Hyu vows to get revenge on Tae for abandoning his mother, whereas, Hae is indebted to Tae unknowingly that Tae is to blame for her father’s blindness.

This is a medical drama describing the struggle, love and forgiveness of the specialists who make life and death decision on others revealing that even when love has impossible ideals it can bring together feelings that are separated by love and hatred.

Program Length: 20 episodes of 70 minutes each
Directors: Lee Sung Joo and Go Jae Hyun
Script: Kim Sol Ji
Cast: Han Hye Jin, Song ChangUi, Park Gun Hyung and Jo Jae Hyun