Project Description

Temptation of Love

This is the story of Dr. Adam Jamil and his five sons (Danial, Jimmy, Sam, Eddy, and Johan), each with distinctive personalities and lifestyles, which unfolds into a tussle between love and loyalty. Dr. Adam has been alone for 10 years since his wife died and has submerged himself into his work.

Out of his five sons, he has a soft spot for Jimmy, who was betrayed by his brother Sam who ended up marrying Fiona, his fiancée. Maya, the tutor for Dafi, Danial’s son is approached by Dr. Adam to get her interested in his son Jimmy but Maya misunderstands and assumes that Dr. Adam is attracted to her. Jimmy starts to fall for Maya but Dr. Adam is also beginning to yearn for companionship and he feels he gets that by being around Maya. At the same time, Jimmy has to endure the agony of living under the same roof as Sam and Fiona due to gambling debts accumulated by Sam. At the same time, Eddy, the fourth son has become the emotional support for Sophia, Johan’s girlfriend as he is away to college. Sam is in danger due to gangsters that are claiming a gambling debt and they shot Dr. Adam by accident. How will the five brothers react and support each other when faced with adversity? Or will selfish self interests unravel the family bond?

Genre: Family Drama
Program Length: 13 episodes of 45 minutes
Country: Malaysia