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Diana and Ashley are very special non-identical twins. They both were born healthy and well, but the circumstances of their birth make them an extraordinarily rare pair. While they were certainly born of the same mother, these twins actually have different fathers!
As she was ovulating, their mother, Gina, while being intimate with her husband was also raped by a former lover. But though Gina managed to keep this a secret, her husband Alfred, had doubts that Diana was truly his child; so he demanded a DNA test. And so it was discovered that Ashley is really Alfred’s daughter and Diana is really Jonathan’s. Also, in light of the new evidence, Jonathan was convicted of his crime.
Many years pass and circumstances have changed. Jonathan is now a wealthy businessman but Alfred is an impoverished failure. Conflict arises when Alfred instructs Ashley to pretend she is really Jonathan’s daughter in order to steal her birthright and the family fortune. How will this unusual sibling rivalry end?