Project Description

The Way to Your Heart

Natalie is a proud and stubborn young woman who cannot accept that she is Onay’s daughter. Natalie is embarrassed to call Onay her mother because of her condition: Onay is a small person with achondroplasic dwarfism.

Natalie is the first to be born to Onay with her husband, Elvin, a man of average height. His life is going well until an unfortunate incident occurs. Onay is raped. In his attempt to seek justice for Onay, Elvin meets an accident and dies. Later, Onay discovers that she is pregnant with her second child, Maila. Because the baby is the result of her horrific experience, she finds it difficult to accept Maila even if she grows up to be a loving and caring daughter.

This is the story of a mother who yearns for acceptance of her first daughter, while her other daughter yearns for her love. What about their situation that is complicated by the lies, prejudice and discrimination that surrounds them?

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