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To My Beloved

It is a story of certain couples and marriage

Chan is a woman trying to forget about her past by getting married. Jin is a man trying to start a new family by marrying Chan. The two are now married to each other, living normal lives.

Bored with their present lives, they desire to grasp chances to go back to the past and try something new and special. The desires set their memories on fire, and they begin to seek their old lovers. They regain their identities as they revitalized after meeting their old lovers. Meanwhile, their marriages begin to crumble. After wasting much time and effort, they eventually realize that the true happiness resides in everyday lie of typical marriage…

Even though that is somewhat disappointing, but undeniable truth about relationship and love between the married ones…

Program Length: 16 episodes of 70 minutes each
Director: Jo Hyun Tak
Script: Kim Ji Eun
Cast: Park Sol Mi, Hong Jong Hyun, Kim Min Joon and Choi Yeo Jin