Project Description

Twenty Again

This is a succesful romantic comedy drama about finding true love, re-discovering old dreams, and changing the course of life in the process. No-Ra is a mother to a teenage son who never got to experience college. She will secretly enroll in at a college as a freshman and re-discover her dreams in the process.

Twenty Again is an upbeat romantic comedy starring Choi Ji-Woo as a 38 rear-old mother and wife who got a second chance in achieving her dream. Choi Ji-Woo plays No-RA, a woman who never got a chance to pursue her university education because sho got pregnant at a very young age. When her husband asks for a divorce and her son goes throught puberty, No-RA decides to go to college as freshman. In college, she discovers her husband’s hurtful secret and finds her long-lost first love. NO-RA tries to get along with the twenty-year-old classmates as she pursues both her dreams and her love.