Project Description




is a very special place, where you can see a world of animals where they share their lives and the love story that was created between Peter and Dominika. On the other hand we know that people and animals have much in common – they look for freedom, they look for love, and security. That’s when a zoo transformed into a small world, the perfect backdrop for a drama with a touch of romantic plot that creates the perfect atmosphere among the main actors of this wonderful story.

Viewers can expect something exotic with the flavor of a drama with love and adventure, seasoned with a touch of romantic comedy. You can expect extraordinary moments of human love conflicts, also stories with very unusual animals and even many funny scenes full of humor. Knowing the mission of ZOO is not only educational and scientific, but the role it plays in the protection of endangered species, we will be surprised to know that not only are there animals in danger of extension, but also the love stories between princes and princesses. ZOO is more than a happy place full of people who enjoy what they do and feel very comfortable, it is a place where we will learn to love each other and to appreciate nature and its animals

The serie will have a criminal element that shows the illegal trade of exotic animals. Peter, who is the hero of the story, has returned to Slovakia to learn more about the death of his best friend in Africa. You can generate so much money selling the horns of the rhinos that smugglers will not waste their time committing murders … The arrival of Peter in Bratislava generates more turbulence and resentment, especially that of Dominika, who is a zoologist with a scientific mentality whose life will be affected with the arrival of Peter, he will suddenly feel that his love is not only for his animals, he will begin to feel an unknown love. Part of the action of this telenovela focuses on exotic animals and also on some crimes. But the most remarkable story is based on Miso, a monkey and main animal character who is about to experience a true adventure. You can not miss the kidnapping and the huge revelation of an international network of animal trafficking