The Employee (Family)
Format Options

1. TV Series:
Episodes: 12 a 24 per season.
Duration of Episode: 22 minutes.
Broadcast: One episode per week.
Script (time frame for the writing): 2 months.

2. Mobile phone or Internet Capsules (webseries):
Episodes: 60 per season.
Duration of Episode:50 minutes.
Broadcast: Daily.
Script (time frame for the writing): 2 months.

Synopsis: Soledad (40) is a hard working and naive employee, who will have to spend the day with her boss, Maria Eugenia, who has retired early and is now trying to figure out what to do with her life. Soledad, with Jaime’s (the materialist driver) help and Monique’s (Maria Eugenia’s yuppie friend) opposition, she will have deal with her boss’s extravagant orders which will bring them together little by little in what is seem as weird and yet beautiful friendship.
“The Employee” is a situation comedy of low budget that takes place in one location – the living room of a high class home – where all the conflicts from each episode will take place. Each conflict will be portrayed with comedy and irony in order to end in an emotional manner and with a positive message, which Soledad, the employee must face.

If there is an interest, we can send the client a pilot of the chosen format in a week’s time.