The Teachers (Family)
Format Options

Situation Comnedy:
Episodes: 12 a 24 per season.
Duration of Episode: 22 minutes.
Broadcast: One episode per week.
Script (time frame for the writing): 2 months.

Synopsis: Alicia Del Campo has just been hired as an intern at a peculiar rundown school. Everything is new, everything is wonderful and everything is a…DISASTER.
Alicia for the first time faces a generation she doesn’t understand and a language that is unfamiliar to her. She was born into a hippie family who never had a cellular phone, Internet, and she doesn’t understand anything of that sort.
She is accompanied by her best friend Ximena, an athlete who is a bit intense (in all the sense of the word) and her buddy Alberto, an intellectual and metaphysic professor of Physics.
This how a new phase in Alicia’s life begins even she doesn’t know how to handle it and worst of all; she has to keep under control the pack of teenagers who are thirsty for teacher’s blood.

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