Travel Through Time (Family)
Format Options

1. TV Series:
Episodes: 12 a 24 per season.
Duration of Episode: 44 minutes.
Broadcast: One episode per week.
Script (time frame for the writing): 2 months.

2. Prime Time Soap:
Details: 5 months on the air, Monday thru Friday for a total of 100 episodes.
Script (time frame for the writing): 3 months.

Synopsis: Eloisa (27) is an eccentric woman who has lost her memory. She doesn’t remember absolutely anything. The only thing she knows is that Pedro (30), an obsessive scientist is helping to get her memory back. After doing so many experiments to her brain, Eloisa instead of remembering the past, she travels back in time – specifically the beginnings of the XX century. Eloisa is not only a woman who has no memory but also lives in a time period that isn’t hers and where a woman is everything except independent. Eloisa will fight to free the women in a time period that is not hers but also at the same time trying to get her life back.

If there is an interest, we can send the client a pilot of the chosen format in a week’s time.