A Love to Last

| 55min

Adrea, who is a successful event planner and the breadwinner of her family, has been in deep pain since the night before her wedding when she found out about her fiancé’s cheating. Life has taught her that she will encounter good and bad things, inevitable encounters where the good things will help her fight for her dreams and the bad things will simply be stumbling blocks of fate. The disappointment suffered by Andrea has not dampened her dream of one day having a family of her own with a man she truly loves and who will reciprocate with the same intensity. 

At the same time, Anton is juggling the pressures of running a prestigious company and being a father to his three children. Of everything he knew up to that point, love was the most difficult. Grace, his ex-wife, left him and love was no longer the big bet in Anton’s life. 

Andrea and Anton’s paths cross and a genuine love blossoms between them. Andrea will become not only the blossoming love but also the protective mother of their children. 

New complications arise when Anton’s family ties begin to test his feelings and Grace returns to reaffirm her status as his wife. How far is Andrea willing to go for the love she feels for Anton? And how will Anton be convinced that Andrea is the mistress of his heart?. 

Sometimes to get true love you must reject unfortunate loves that fate presents us with.