A Place in Your Heart

| 55min

Audrey is deported from Canada and, heartbroken, she returns and seeks refuge in the arms of her beloved, but she finds him being unfaithful with her best friend, Sean, the owner of a beauty clinic by chance runs into her and seeing how bad this poor girl was feeling, he offers her a job. Sean is a good husband and a perfect father to his two children, he and Katharine are the perfect image of a happy family. But one day Katharine abandons her family and runs away in a fleeting affair with a friend of Sean’s. Now Sean and his children feel abandoned. Now Sean and his children feel abandoned and it will be Audrey’s chance to help them. Sean hits rock bottom, but Audrey helps him pick up the pieces and helps Sean care for his children, who learn to love her as their own mother. Eventually, Sean and Audrey fall in love.

Sean plans to marry Audrey, so he requests an annulment of his marriage to Katharine. But his scheming wife suddenly returns with an agenda: to assert her rights as a legal wife and claim her husband, her children and enjoy the wealth Sean has accumulated. Thus begins the battle between Audrey and Katharine, between the good stepmother and the evil wife.