Barrister Babu

| 55min

Set in rural Bengal, Anirudh Roy, a 22-year-old lawyer, returns from London to Tulsipur to end the social customs and beliefs that impede the advancement of women in India. He is set to marry his childhood sweetheart, Saudamini “Minni”.

Meanwhile, Bondita Das is an 11-year-old Bengali Hindu girl living with her widowed mother Sumati, her maternal uncle Sundaram, aunt Devoleena and cousinSampoorna. Sundaram and Devoleena decide that Bondita will marry an old man, while Sampoorna will marry Saurabh, Anirudh’s best friend. However, the old man dies unexpectedly in the middle of the wedding rituals and Anirudh offers to marry Bondita to prevent her from becoming part of Sati (ritual burning of widows with the body of her deceased husband). An inconsolable Minni who feels betrayed, fills Aniruh’s father with lies to prevent the wedding between Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh, who still loves Minni explains to her that he did not marry Bondita to be his wife, he did it to protect her and that he sees her as his responsibility, but Minni does not care about the explanations and continues to plan to destroy Bondita. Now it will be up to Anirud to protect her from Minni’s lies and the wickedness of her family members.

With Anirudh’s help, Bondita becomes the first Tulsipur girl to go to school and Anirudh encourages her to continue studying to become a lawyer. Soon after, to support the Child Marriage Act, Anirudh and Bondita annul their marriage.

Ten years later the story will show Bondita becoming a beautiful woman and a lawyer returning from London to Tulsipur, to get her protector Anirud. However, a relationship of professional alliance and protection will develop between the two that will lead them to look at the signs that are everywhere, that they do not see them until they finally interpret them and know that their lives have been transformed into a relationship of mutual attraction that they must take advantage of to venture into the wonderful world of love as a couple.