| 55min

The charming and flamboyant Zain and the beautiful and cultured Aaliya have been friends and rivals since childhood. Still, after years of not seeing each other, they meet again and, through a series of misunderstandings, end up getting married. Although Zain wants to get rid of Aaliya as soon as possible, he does not believe in the institution of marriage as he has seen hell in the life of his brother, Fahad, who has two wives, Nafisa and Shazia, who hate each other and he lives in constant conflict at home.

Zain’s mother, Suraiya, dislikes Aaliyah and her family because Barkat, her daughter, a teenager, was kidnapped by Aaliya’s uncle, Mir Khan.

Out of desperation and anguish, Zain hurts the feelings of Aaliya, who abandons him and goes to her hometown Bhopal. Zain goes to look for her to rescue the pride of feeling abandoned man but suffers a tragedy that almost leads him to death and realizes that he loves Aaliya, asks for forgiveness, and convinces her to return home with him.

Back home, Aaliya unveils a secret, Barkat is Mir’s biological daughter and is looking to take over the Abdullah family’s wealth and property. Zain and Aaliya reveal Barkat’s intentions, who ends up expelled from the house, but before leaving, she poisons Suraiya’s mind by convincing her that Aaliya is unfaithful to Zain. Because of this, Suraiya starts hating Aaliya again. Now Aaliyah will have to face the evil Suraiya, Barkat, and Nafisa, who will unite to separate her from Zain.