| 55min

Aditya and Zoya are two people brought together by fate through the betrayal of their spouses.

Aditya and Zoya’s partners; Pooja and Yash, are found dead together in a road accident. It is discovered that the two were having an affair and a huge family upheaval is created. Aditya channels his grief into anger while Zoya refuses to accept it. After a funeral that leaves them devastated, Aditya and Zoya receive an even bigger blow when they receive the written divorce papers that Pooja and Yash had decided to send them… Unable to run away from the truth any longer, Zoya tries to commit suicide, but Aditya saves her.

As the two try to understand what happened, CBI inspector Rajveer Khanna enters their lives with a relentless hunger to put them behind bars. He believes they are guilty of murdering their spouses and frames the two as such. Having come to trust each other, Aditya and Zoya flee to prove their innocence.

Lawyer Harshvardhan proves the innocence of both, but Aditya and Zoya read Pooja’s diary and collapse again, Pooja was expecting Yash’s child. Heartbroken but determined, Aditya and Zoya decide to turn their lives around. Together, they forgive Yash and Pooja. Aditya leaves for Paris, seeking time to reflect on himself, while Zoya concentrates on managing her late husband’s now bankrupt business. Will this be the end or the beginning of a great love story scotched in time for Aditya and Zoya?