| 55min

Beyhadh is a romantic thriller that shows two different shades of love: one driven by obsession and the other by selflessness and purity.

Maya is a young business tycoon who has made it big in the corporate world. She falls madly in love with Arjun, a handsome beau who loves photography.

In the same company works Saanjh, a beautiful young woman in love.

Saanjh and Arjun are childhood friends. Saanjh has always been secretly in love with Arjun, but is unable to confess her purest feelings to him. When Arjun and Maya fall in love, their lives are turned upside down.

The problem begins when Maya becomes obsessed with Arjun and is unable to stay without him even for a second. Her obsession for him brings Maya to the brink of breaking off her relationship with Arjun and hurting him without even meaning to.

It is precisely at this point that Saanjh intervenes to save Arjun from the clutches of the obsessed Maya.

How will this love triangle end, will Arjun choose the love of his best friend or the troubled Maya?