Blue Love

| 55min

Happy times are miserably short. You Jiaqi and Meng Heping when they first met and then fell madly in love with each other. Unfortunately, Meng Heping’s mother is against such courtship. You Jiaqi suggests that they break up and Meng Heping leaves the country with a lot of resentment. Five years later, You Jiaqi meets RuanZhengdong who comes from a millionaire family and also meets Meng Heping again. The two boys were childhood friends. To avoid the pain of this reunion with Meng Heping, You Jiaqi starts dating RuanZhengdong. This makes Meng Hepingjealous and he declares war on his best friend RuanZhengdong. A tragedy will mark everyone’s life where You Jiaqi will have to make an important decision that will mark everyone’s life.