Brave Love

| 55min

Valentina is a sweet young girl from Cusco who has lived through the most tragic situations imaginable since she was very young: she was abandoned by her father before she was born and at the age of 6 she witnessed the death of her mother and grandfather in a tragedy. However, when the love of Alejandro -a handsome student from Lima- comes into her life, all her sadness seems to fade away… However, this young couple will have to pay unfairly for their parents’ mistakes; Alejandro’s father Gerardo never told him that he had an extramarital affair with a girl from Cusco and Rita, Valentina’s mother, preferred to tell him a lie about her father. The love between Valentina and Alejandro makes them happy, but it will drag them into an unexpected tragedy. Will Alejandro and Valentina be brave enough to fight for their love, even though it is against the laws of man?