Crown Princess

| 55min

She is a crown princess, he is a military man without noble titles. Can her love overcome the barriers of social class? After Alice’s coronation as princess of the small country of Hrysos, her life becomes a world of bewilderment and confusion, as she is the first heir to the throne. To protect her life from her, her grandfather, King Henry of Hyrsos, sends her to Thailand where she meets a bodyguard. Commander Davin and Princess Alice grow closer as they spend more time together. Princess Alice doesn’t seem to have a heart as she shows no emotions and doesn’t trust anyone either, as anyone around her may be an enemy, but in reality she wants to be loved deeply.

Commander Davin, seen as a spoiled boy or, does not take anything seriously when life brings him closer to women because he previously suffered a love disappointment that left his heart in pieces. Now that their lives are intertwined, how will Princess Alice and Commander Davin, who come from different social classes, deal with the different dangers that lie ahead? How can they bring their lives closer to each other when their hearts seem to beat opposite commotions?